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FlyAnywhere will connect you with more than 1800 Airports Australia Wide getting you wherever you need to go.

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Australia is a big place with more than 1800 airports, of which the vast majority are simply not being used, so I created FlyAnywhere to connect people to all of these places in the most efficient and fair manner possible whilst removing the rigidity of the airlines schedules….

Robert Brus

Here's what Consumers and Aviators can Expect when using FlyAnywhere...

Its time to enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of the General Aviation industry.

For Consumers - Whether you want to take a Scenic Flight, a One-Way Trip or a Return Flight:

  • FlyAnywhere removes the need to search multiple websites and fill in forms.
  • You can place your request for a quote quickly, concisely and with no fuss at all.
  • FlyAnywhere totally eliminates confusion when making a request for a quote.

For Aviators - Here is your target market in one easy place telling you exactly what they need:

  • Business is now on demand with your new leads created daily by travel agents the world over.
  • FlyAnywhere connects consumers globally to your business and services.
  • Fill up your bookings months in advance or plug a gap where ever you need to.

Jon's Mission:

Jon's boss needs to get to a remote country town not serviced by the regular airlines. Instead of searching high and low he pops over to places his request and the quotes come in matching his exact requirement.

- time saved, stress avoided & boss happy!,
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FlyAnywhere for Consumers - In 3 Super Simple Steps...

Connect to more than 1800 Airports Australia Wide without the Airlines

  • Step - 1: Define your Exact Requirement...

    Whether you want to go on a Scenic flight for fun, travel one way for business or need a return flight the FlyAnywhere website will allow you to define your exact requirement…

  • Step - 2: Create your FREE account...

    Now you have decided where you are going its time to create a FREE account and save the flight. FlyAnywhere is and always will be 100% FREE for consumers…

  • Step - 3: Receive up to 5 quotes...

    Once you define your exact requirement at the FlyAnywhere website your details will be added into our system. Aviators and Businesses set their filters to match your departure airport and will see your lead, purchase your info and contact you with a quote.

    Remember that you will receive several quotes so you can compare, and also keep in mind that you are not obliged to accept any of them!

Lets get you Connected with more than 1800 Airports...

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FlyAnywhere is, and always will be, 100% FREE for consumers creating a flight and requesting a quote. There is also no obligation to accept any quote you receive so it is totally risk free!

Zoe's Weekend Plans:

The music Festival in the NSW Hunter Valley is going to be awsem but Zoe is dreading the 3-hour drive from Sydney. Zoe thinks "Why not see how much it will cost to fly up in a small plane?"

- Quotes are in, the price is right and all that driving is forgotten,
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FlyAnywhere for Aviators and Aviation Businesses...

No need to go searching for customers any more - they are all here at FlyAnywhere.

  • Step - 1: Sign up and create your account…

    Head over to and create your account. You’ll need to fill in all of your details so we can verify that you are an aviator and or an aviation business.

  • Step - 2: Set your filters for relevant leads...

    Once you are logged in you can set your filters to show you only leads that are relevant to you. Make sure you set up your email alerts as well. The emails can be weekly, daily or as the new relevant leads come in.

  • Step - 3: Contact consumers with a relevant quote...

    Once you see a lead that is relevant it will be time to purchase the contact info for $19. Next up is to contact them via their preferred means i.e. Email, SMS or a voice call.

    Remember that up to 4 other businesses and or aviators may also be supplying a quote so you’ll need to make sure that your quote is as competitive as it can be the first time round.

Aviators and Aviation Businesses - Lets get You Signed Up Today...

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