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Radio Interview J-Air in Melbourne

Do you have clients wanting to fly somewhere remote, a bit off the track, somewhere way ‘outback’ – or do they simply want you to book a scenic flight here in Oz or somewhere overseas?  Whatever your needs in this area a brand new Aussie business called Fly Anywhere can you help you. Fly Anywhere…

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A landed waterplane - in the foggy hills

Aviation Businesses Brochure

The General Aviation industry in Australia is now connected to Travel Agents and consumers all over the world like never before. Take a look at the infographic below which describes how businesses can drive more revenue and growth through the use of the website. For more information and to join visit CLICK HERE…

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Your Amazing Uluru Experience

If you are heading to the outback you must absolutely visit Uluru – Check out some of Australia’s most famous holiday destinations at our YouTube Channel Most visitors would have seen photographs, or advertisements featuring Uluru, but nothing prepares you for the physical impact of this vast monolith. Its sheer immensity dwarfs everything around it.…

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Phillip Island Penguins

Phillip Island – Victoria

Australia is a beautiful place with alot of things to do and places to see. Phillip Island off Victoria is of the best and should absolutely be on the top of your list. Victoria’s famous Phillip Island – only a 90 minute drive from Melbourne boasts breathtaking natural beauty and a range of attractions for…

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Visit Brisbane

Brisbane – Australia’s New World City

Brisbane’s abuzz with creative ways to spend your days. Get to know where the locals eat, drink and play in the inner-city and nearby urban villages. Soak up our subtropical climate, explore the river, parks and outdoor spaces, or delve into a calendar of internationally acclaimed arts, cultural and sporting events. It’s a great place…

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Agents Brochure

Introducing a brand new way that travel agents the world over can get paid for asking just one simple question…. To find out more visit

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