Phillip Island Penguins

Phillip Island – Victoria

Australia is a beautiful place with alot of things to do and places to see. Phillip Island off Victoria is of the best and should absolutely be on the top of your list.

Victoria’s famous Phillip Island – only a 90 minute drive from Melbourne boasts breathtaking natural beauty and a range of attractions for all ages to enjoy. Whether it’s relaxing and enjoying the view from your ocean view suite, surfing the waves, indulging in a helicopter flight or fishing adventure, Phillip Island offers an endless choice of places to discover and explore – it is real entertainment for kids, couples and families!

Home to the world famous Penguin Parade and to some of Australia’s most popular natural wildlife attractions, featuring koala reserves, Australia’s largest fur seal colony, bird habitats, wetland reserves and breathtaking coastlines. This beachside location with so much on offer regardless of the season is renowned for its great curling waves, sparkling clean beaches and surf culture.

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Phillip-Island Map

Getting to Phillip Island via small plane or helicopter couldn’t be simpler with an airport located right on the island. Phillip Island Helicopters Operate there with fantastic facilities and offers. Visit their site here:

Phillip Island Helicopters

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